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Fitlet: BIOS Update

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'''<span style="color:#FF0000">Important:</span>'''<br />
* BIOS update recommended in case the system is unstable, or required fixes have been released.
* Incorrect BIOS update has a risk for system brick, therefore follow the guide step-by-step.
* Check for latest BIOS version available [[Fitlet: BIOS ROM Files|fitlet BIOS ROM Files]] and compare to [[Fitlet BIOS guide#Main|BIOS Version]] on your fitlet.
== Preparing # Format the USB Flash Drive with BIOS Updater ==# Connect your USB Flash Drive Device (UFD) to your computer and format it using '''FAT32'''. file system# Download and extract the '''[ Bios BIOS Updater packagePackage].''' <pbr>The package contains the following files:</p> #:''AfuEfix64\EFI\BOOT\#:: Bootx64.efi''#:'': Flash.nsh''#:'': ShellFlash64.efi#:: Shellx64.efi''#:: Startup.nsh# Copy the extracted EFI folder with all the files to the formatted USB Flash Drive.UFD# Download and extract the [[fitlet: BIOS ROM Files|BIOS binary file]].'''[[Fit-PC4 BIOS ROM Files | fit-PC4 BIOS file]]'''# Copy the flt.rom BIOS file to the root \EFI\BOOT\ directory on the USB Flash Drive.UFD# Connect the UFD to the target unit== Updating # Power up the target unit# Enter the BIOS ==Menu by pressing the F2 key during the boot# Connect Browse to the prepared USB flash device Main -> Boot Features menu# Set UEFI Boot to Enabled and Legacy Boot to Disabled# Press the fitlet F10 key and boot.Enter to save and exit# Press the '''DEL''' F5 key during the boot to enter BIOS until the One Time Boot menu.appears# Under Save & Exit tab, select Choose the USB HDD boot option '''“Launch EFI Shell from filesystem device”'''.# When the The system enters will boot to the UEFI modeEFI Shell, type and after 4 seconds the command: ''FLASH FLT'' and press Enter.# The BIOS flashing automatic flash process will start.<p>'''Note:''' # At the start end of the flashing process, the system unit will hang for 1 minute. This is expected behavior. Please, don’t interrupt it.</p>shut down automatically# When Remove the process ends and the prompt line appears, type the command: ''reset'' and press Enter.UFD# Press Boot the '''DEL''' key during the restart and enter the BIOS menu.# Under '''Save & Exit''' tab, select the option '''“Restore Defaults”''' and after that '''“Save Changes and Reset”'''.unit