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/* Unique Features */
== Unique Features ==
* === Size ===The most striking feature of fit-PC2 is its size - 4" x 4.5" x 1.05" - smaller than a CD. * === Fanless Operation ===fit-PC2 is totally fanless - using the all aluminum case to dissipate heat. This has two advantages -
** fit-PC2 is noiseless - or absolutely silent if equipped with a solid state disk.
** [[Why small PCs should be fanless | Increased reliability]] with no moving parts.
* === A Standard PC ===fit-PC2 may look like an appliance, but it's a full PC with including - * 1.6GHz x86 CPU, * 1GB RAM, * SATA hard disk, * DVI with graphics acceleration, high * High definition audio, * LAN, and WLAN, * 6 USB ports and more. fit-PC2 fully supports all major operating systems.=== A Green Computer ===fit-PC2 excels in extremely low power consumption - 6W in normal operation in Windows XP or Linux or up to 8W under load. The only PC that can challenge fit-PC2 low power is the older generation [ fit-PC Slim], but fit-PC2 has the same power consumption with 5 times the performance.
== About CompuLab ==