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/* A Green Computer */
fit-PC2 fully supports all major operating systems.
=== A Green Computer ===
fit-PC2 excels in extremely low power consumption - 6W in normal operation in Windows XP or Linux or up to 8W under load. The only PC that can challenge fit-PC2 low power is the older generation [ fit-PC Slim], but fit-PC2 has the same power consumption with 5 times the performance.<br><br>fit-PC2 has no hazardous substances and at 313cc / 370g is so small as to make electronics waste negligible. <br><br>While green technology tends to be expensive, replacing an old computer with fit-PC Slim can soon pay for itself by electricity savings alone. === A New Type of HTPC ===Full HD resolution with HDMI connector, 1080p H.264 decoding, high definition audio, no background noise, tiny size and IR remote control support - fit-PC2 can make a very decent home-theater PC. With low cost and low power consumption that allows it to be always-on - fit-PC2 can bring the PC experience into more living rooms than ever before.
== About CompuLab ==