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Intel: Installing Android-x86

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== Android-x86 ==
[ Project Android-x86] provides a complete solution for Android on common x86 platforms. You may think Android-x86 as an Android BSP of generic x86 platforms.
== Supported devices ==
* This guide is valid for fitlet2
== Prepare installation media ==
* A USB DVD-ROM drive or a USB disk of at least 1GB should be used as installation media
* Download latest [http Android-x86 9.0html Android-r2 live and installation iso (x86 64-bit) ISO file]* For installation with a USB DVD-ROM - flash the downloaded image directly onto a DVD* For installation with a To prepare Live USB disk on a Linux host you can use dd the command:
$ sudo dd if=android-x86_64-9.0-r2.iso of=/dev/sdX bs=1MB
== Base installation of Android-x86 ==
* After seconds of booting, in the initial menu select "Advanced options -> Android-x86 89.10-rc2 r2 Auto Install to specified harddisk"
* Disconnect the installation media and reboot
* Follow the standard Android-x86 setup procedure - choose language, Google account, timezone etc.
* Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Play store, Youtube etc. work out of the box