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Intense PC BIOS Update

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== BIOS update procedure ==
# Download the latest [[Intense PC BIOS ROM files]]
# Extract the image file from the archive.
# Prepare bootable USB image:
#* Use Win32DiskImager utility for Windows: [ Win32DiskImager]<br>
# Boot Intense PC or MintBox2 from the USB Flash drive.
# When boots up into FreeDOS command line run ''BIOS_UPD.bat'' and wait for it's completion without errors.
# After it the system will boot again into FreeDOS run ''ME_LOCK.bat'' and wait for it's completion without errors.
# Wait until message "Please disconnect this system from power for 15 sec for completion"
# Power cycle the computer.
== Previous BIOS update procedure ==
1. Prepare bootable USB DOS image
* Use "Image Write for Windows" utility
5. Run DOSFL.bat and wait until completion<br>
6. After reboot remove USB disk, remove power and do regular boot
== Security updates ==
=== Links ===
* [[IntensePC:_Software | Intense PC Software Repository]]
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