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Airtop: Installing Linux Mint 18

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== Prepare installation media ==
* A USB DVD-ROM drive or a USB Flash drive of at least 2GB should be used as installation media
* Download [ 226 Linux Mint 18 .1 "SarahSerena" - Cinnamon (64-bit)"]
* For installation with a USB DVD-ROM - flash the downloaded image directly onto a DVD
* For installation with a USB Flash drive, please follow [ How to install Linux Mint via USB] tutorial
* Login using previously selected username and password.
== Intel & Nvidia graphics video acceleration graphic drivers == sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install i965-va-driver gstreamer1.0-vaapi vainfo nvidialibva-361 vdpauinfo mesaglx1 libva-vdpau-drivers vdpau-va-driver --installtpi1 libva-recommendsegl1
== I3M Nvidia graphics card drivers ==* The integrated interactive information monitor (I3M) is a GUI system integrated in the front panel of Airtop sudo apt update* You need to install the [ nvidia_driver=$( search "nvidia-fpsvc_1.[0-1_systemd.deb airtop9][0-fpsvc9][0-9] service that provides system information to the front panel* Please note, the package adds "acpi_enforce_resources=lax| grep -o " string to the kernel boot line, and the Airtop must be rebooted after installationnvidia-[0-9][0-9][0-9]" | sort | tail -1)* Now you can navigate through menus between multiple screens of the I3M that display system information, temperatures, power consumption and notifications sudo apt install i965-va-driver vainfo $nvidia_driver vdpauinfo mesa-vdpau-drivers vdpau-va-driver --install-recommends
== See also ==
* [[Airtop: Installing I3M Linux Daemon | Installing I<sup>3</sup>M Linux Daemon]]
* [[Kodi and VLC]]