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Airtop: Installing I3M Linux Daemon

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'''I<sup>3</sup>M''' - The integrated interactive information monitor is a GUI system integrated in the front panel of Airtop.<br>I<sup>3</sup>M has the following major components[[Airtop* An OLED display.* Navigation keys.* Programmable micro-controller.* Interfaces to power and temperature sensors on the motherboard.* Serial interfaces for communication with BIOS and operating system.* The user can navigate through menus between multiple screens of the I3M that display system information, temperatures, power consumption and notifications.* I<sup>3</sup>M firmware can be upgraded.  === | I<sup>3</sup>M ]] daemon for Linux Daemon ===installation instructions:
# You need to install the [ airtop-fpsvc] service that provides system information to the front panel
# Reboot the Airtop after installation