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Fitlet: Linux: Kernel

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== Overview ==
The latest release is based on a generic Ubuntu kernel 34.194.0 with a few modifications made by CompuLab.
Download the [ kernel package] for fitlet and ensure the integrity of the file: $ md5sum 36773afc407e11307aaef25d72e06774 948a24d27e25f0bb38e70a18a37d1206
The downloaded archive includes the following:
* linux_3linux_4.194.0.orig.tar.gz - mainline Linux 34.164.0 sources* linux_3linux_4.194.0-3921.4437.diff - Ubuntu patch* compulab.34.194.0-fitlet.diff - CompuLab patch* config-34.194.0-3921-compulabgeneric.fitlet - CompuLab config file
* Resulting .deb files are also included
== Installation ==
Unzip the downloaded archive and install the kernel image and header files
$ unzip $ sudo dpkg -i fitlet_kernel_3fitlet_kernel_4.16_20154_2016-1207-0131/linux-*.deb == Previous releases ==* [[Fitlet:_Linux:_Kernel:_3.19 | Linux Kernel 3.19 for Fitlet]]* [[Fitlet:_Linux:_Kernel:_3.16 | Linux Kernel 3.16 for Fitlet]]
== Development ==
The kernel can be recompiled with necessary changes as described on [ Kernel development for x86 modules]