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fit-PC4 HW Revisions

Identify the HW revision of your product:

  1. Serial Number (SN) - Contact CompuLab
  2. Silk Screen print on the main PCB

Power supply temperature ratings differs from system ratings, mainly due to material used, 
and limited to the following:
* Operating: 0°C – 40°C
* Storage: -10°C – 70°C 
Customers have the ability to power the computers from another source.

The following changes relate to:

  • fit-PC4

Rev 1.2 Changes

  • 2nd revision
    • Release date: 29/7/2014
    • First serial number (SN): TBD
  • Power management improvements by 5-10W, resulting in power optimization:
    • Value models: 5W-11W
    • Pro models: 6W-24W
  • Improvement in BIOS battery discharge mechanism.
  • Changed logo LED functionality:
    • SW Off (S5)/Sleep (S3) states: weak yellow
    • Power up: strong green + strong yellow during memory init (about 3 sec)
    • Active state (S0): strong green
    • Memory init failed indicator: strong green + strong yellow (constant)
  • Added connector for remote power button.
  • Added ability to connect CMOS battery with harness.
  • FACE Modules interface uses SMBUS0 instead SMBUS1.
  • mSATA latching hole changed on Mac8 - M2 fix with M2 screw.

Rev 1.1 Changes

  • 1st revision
    • Release date: 19/02/2014
    • First serial number (SN): 140219-1101