IPC3 BIOS Update

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The following procedure suitable IPC3 computers equipped with Intel Core gen 7 (KabyLake) processors.

Security fix for INTEL-SA-00086 vulnerability

  1. Download INTEL-SA-00086 fix IPC3 - MD5: 0DB0F9A094D26D3A2973EE85165FEE1B
  2. Extract archive content to USB flash formatted FAT32.
  3. Insert USB Flash into IPC3 and boot "UEFI: Build-in EFI Shell" option from boot menu (press F7 during IPC3 power-up).
  4. Automated script will process ME update to version ME 11.8.503425.
To learn about INTEL-SA-00086 vulnerability click here

BIOS update procedure

  1. Download the latest from IPC3 BIOS files.
  2. Copy archive content to USB Flash formatted FAT32.
  3. Disconnect all storage from IPC3 (SATA/USB).
  4. Plug USB Flash into IPC3 and power on.
  5. Press F7 key for BIOS boot menu, choose "Build-in EFI Shell" option.
  6. Switch to file system of USB Flash by fs0: command.
  7. Run update.nsh. If the BIOS version is IPC3K.XYN.0.25.0 follow IPC3 BIOS recovery procedure.
  8. After the update IPC3 will reboot automatically.