Fitlet3 FACET Cards

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  • This page provides technical information about fitlet3 FACET3-Cards.
  • FACET3-Cards extend fitlet3 functionality and I/O.
  • FACET3-Card stands for Function And Connectivity Extension T-Card, and "3" means its compatibility with fitlet3 device.
  • FACET3-Card standard is open to allow 3rd parties to design their own application specific FACET3-Cards
  • The full production files of each Compulab FACET3-Card can be requested from our support if needed

fitlet3 FACET3-Card Types

  • FC3-LAN (2x GbE LAN on RJ45)
  • FC3-POED (1xGbE LAN PoE device on RJ45)
  • FC3-OPLN (1xGbE on SFP+ for optic LAN)
  • EB-M2SATA (SATA expansion for 2.5” HDD / SSD| M.2 Key-M or M.2 Key-B)

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