Application note - Airtop3 DC socket to motherboard pin assignment

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  • This application note applies to Airtop3
  • It provides information about the DC socket provided with the product and how it is assigned to the motherboard.

DC socket and MB connector pinout

Airtop3 DC Plug.jpg 700px

  • Specifications:
    • Insulator: PBT, glass filled, roted UL 64V-0
    • Insulator color: Black
    • Contacts Phosphor Bronze
    • Shield: Brass, Nickel plated
    • Plating: Silver over Nickel underplate overall
    • Electrical: Operating voltage: 30VDC max.
    • Current rating: 7.5 amps max.
    • Contact resistance: 30mhoms max.
    • initial insulation resistance: 100mhoms min.
    • Dielectric withstanding voltage: 500 VAC for 1 minute.
    • Temperature Rating: Operating temperature -25c to +70c
    • Environmental Lead free, RoHS compliant.
    • Recommended soldering temp: 235c for 5 sec.