Airtop3 I3M firmware update

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Download Airtop3 I3M firmware update image

Installation instructions

Preparing a bootable USB flash device on Windows

  1. Unzip the image to obtain the i3mrescuedisk image.
  2. Download the Passmark ImageUSB application
  3. Run the imageUSB.exe file.
  4. Select the destination USB drive.
  5. Select the 'Write image to USB drive' option.
  6. Select the i3mrescuedisk file.
  7. Click the 'Write' button to begin the image flashing.
WARNING: The contents of the selected drive will be replaced.
It will cause destruction of the previous data and possible loss of capacity.

Preparing a bootable USB flash device on Linux

  1. Unzip the image to obtain the i3mrescuedisk image. This can be done with the command: unzip
  2. Plug a USB drive into a Linux workstation. The OS will detect and name the drive something like /dev/sdX. You can use the following command to get the name of the USB drive: dmesg | tail
  3. Write the i3mrescuedisk image to the USB drive using dd command: dd if=i3mrescuedisk of=/dev/sdX; sync

Updating the firmware

  1. Power off Airtop3 and unplug the power supply.
  2. Plug the prepared USB drive into the target Airtop3.
  3. Hold the left and right buttons on the I3M and plug in the power supply. Keep holding the buttons until the I3M reports it is in bootloader mode.
  4. Reboot and enter BIOS menu by pressing [F2] repeatedly upon startup
  5. Navigate to boot tab and [Enable] UEFI internal shell
  6. Navigate to Save&exit tab to save changes & exit.
  7. Upon reboot, enter the boot menu by pressing [F7] on startup.
  8. Select UEFI Internal shell. The system will boot into the I3M recovery tool.
  9. Wait until the recovery tool reports: "Front panel firmware was updated successfully!".
  10. Press Enter to reboot.