Fit-PC2 BIOS ROM Files

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These ROM files are not suitable for fit-PC2i 
For fit-PC2i BIOS ROM Files check this page


Change log

  1. Added PXE boot support


Change log

  1. Added SD boot and SDHC support for fit-PC2 rev 1.4 only
  2. LCD clock default was changed to enabled


Change log

  1. Added "Extra" menu
  2. Added support for overclocking
  3. Added support for spread spectrum control
  4. Updated Poulsbo microcode to ver.26_18
  5. Changed default boot priority for USB HDD to 2
  6. Added support for ALC662 codec
  7. Added LCD clock enable/disable function


Change log

  1. Added "Energy Star" logo in splash-screen
  2. Removed "Display diagnostic screen" option which was causing boot problems
  3. Added support for ALC262 audio codec


Change log

  1. Phoenix pathces:
    • Add Non-SMM SMRAM R/W disabled at run time
    • Fix E820 SMRAM area mismatch at some DIMM issue
    • Correct GMCH_DEV2_REGF0 EQU setting
    • System will hang during XP/Vista installation if the HD audio memory BAR [18:16] == 0
    • Intel SCH D1/D2 BIOS Optimizations Update
    • According Intel Doc 378505:
      • Set Intel SCH message bus Port 1, Register 02h bits 18, 17, 15, 12, 8, and 4
      • Set Intel SCH message bus Port 3, Register 30h = 00C32004h
    • Fixed Menlow run Linux Firmware Test tool "ubu7.04" has Mismatched HPET base between DSDT and the kernel fail
    • CPU microcode update
  2. Updated Poulsbo microcode to ver.25_17
  3. RTC wake-up ACPI availability through OS (S3)
  4. Watchdog functionality
  5. ACPI code fixes for non-existent features (battery, fan, lid switch)
  6. Unbranding - BIOS does not show fit-PC2
  7. DMI string update
  8. S3 resume display fix (windows has fully restored but mouse or keyboard event is needed to wake up the display)