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Airtop: Installing Linux Mint 19.3

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/* Prepare installation media */
== Prepare installation media ==
* A USB DVD-ROM drive or a USB Flash drive of at least 2GB should be used as installation media
* Download [ Linux Mint 19.3 "Tricia" - Cinnamon (64-bit)]
* For installation with a USB DVD-ROM - flash the downloaded image directly onto a DVD
* For installation with a USB Flash drive, please follow [ How to install Linux Mint via USB] tutorial
== BUG: LiveUSB installer crash on Quadro RTX 4000 ==
* If you have Airtop3 with Quadro RTX 4000 your LiveUSB installer will freeze on boot
* To perform boot into "Safe Graphics" mode need to add "nomodeset" parameter to the kernel boot line:
** Power-on the Airtop3 with LiveUSB installer
** Boot menu will appear, default entry will be "Start Linux Mint 19.3 Cinnamon 64-bit"
** Press [e] to enter edit mode
** Add "nomodeset" after the "splash", the end of line will look like "quiet splash nomodeset --"
** Press [F10] to continue the boot
* The BUG will disappear after installing Nvidia graphics drivers
== Base installation of Linux Mint ==