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Fitlet2 Errata Notes

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/* FITLET2ERR004: Marginal edge-connector quality in FC-PCI */
* '''Date''': 6-Jan-2019
* '''Symptom''': Devices installed on FC-PCI (Modem / SSD / Wi-Fi adapter / mini-PCIe card) may malfunction. There is no record of permanent damage to devices installed on FC-PCI
* '''Applies to''': fitlet2 with FC-PCIrev 1.0
* '''Cause''': Marginal quality of FC-PCI edge connector
* '''Workaround''': Covered under warranty. Compulab will replace FC-PCI FACET Cards exhibiting errors
* '''Fix''': Compulab redesigns FC-PCI FACET Card (rev 1.1) to improve edge connector's quality
Note: The problem is specific to FC-PCI and does not apply to other FACET Cards