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=== DC socket and MB connector pinout===
=== DC socket and MB connector pinout===
* '''Specifications''':
* '''Specifications''':

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  • This application note applies to Airtop3
  • It provides information about the DC socket provided with the product and how it is assigned to the motherboard.

DC socket and MB connector pinout

Airtop3 DC Plug.jpg Airtop3 DCsocket pin spec.jpg

  • Specifications:
    • Insulator: PBT, glass filled, roted UL 64V-0
    • Insulator color: Black
    • Contacts Phosphor Bronze
    • Shield: Brass, Nickel plated
    • Plating: Silver over Nickel underplate overall
    • Electrical: Operating voltage: 30VDC max.
    • Contact resistance: 30mhoms max.
    • initial insulation resistance: 100mhoms min.
    • Dielectric withstanding voltage: 500 VAC for 1 minute.
    • Environmental Lead free, RoHS compliant.