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Important Note: Due to hardware limitations, for now, fit-PC2 doesn't support wake-on-timer from Hibernation Mode.


You can use one of the following methods:

Windows XP Scheduled Tasks Tool

  1. Go to Start | All Programs | Accessories | System Tools | Scheduled Tasks.
  2. Launch the Scheduled Task Wizard by double-clicking Add Scheduled Task.
  3. Click Next and select the program that you want to start when your system wakes up. Click Next.
  4. In the following three screens, select the Daily/Weekly/Monthly/... option, the time that you want your system to wake up, and then type a username and password with Administrative privileges.
  5. On the last page, select the Open Advanced Properties check box and click Finish.
  6. In the Properties dialog box for the scheduled task, choose the Setting tab and select the Wake The Computer To Run This Task check box.
  7. Click OK.

WakeUp utility

  1. Launch WakeUp utility (download xp-wakeup-xx.zip from here)
  2. Choose Standby option.
  3. Choose Resume at absolute or relative time option. Set the resume time.
  4. Choose application launch option.
  5. Choose suspend upon automatic resume option.
  6. Click Suspend.

Windows 7

  1. Go to Start | Task Scheduler.
  2. Click Create Task.
  3. Open the General tab:
    1. Enter name of the task and its description (optional).
    2. Choose Run whether user is logged on or not option.
    3. Choose Windows 7 in the Configure menu.
  4. Open the Triggers tab:
    1. Click New.
    2. In the New Trigger screen, set up appropriate trigger settings and click OK.
  5. Open the Actions tab:
    1. Click New.
    2. Choose the appropriate Action and click OK.
  6. Open the Conditions tab:
    1. Set Wake the computer to run this task option.
  7. Click OK to finish the new task creation.
  8. Enter the user account information and click OK.
  9. Close Task scheduler.
  10. Go to Control Panel | Power Options.
  11. Click Change plan settings" option that is next to the power plan that is selected.
  12. Click Change advanced power settings.
  13. Click Cange settings that are currently unavailable.
  14. Set Require a password on wakeup to No for both On battery and Plugged in options.
  15. Expend Sleep section.
  16. Set Allow wake timers to Enable for both On battery and Plugged in options.
  17. Click OK.