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== Part number ==
== Part number ==
== Description ==  
== Description ==  

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Part number



TEL-CANBUS provides CANbus interface with isolation through a DB-9 connector.

ToDo: CANbus version?
ToDo: Data rate?

TEL-CANBUS is utilizing a USB2 interface. Multiple TEL-CANBUS cards can be installed in a system.


  • CANbus through DB-9 Connector
ToDo: single CANbus device or multiple? More information about CANbus capabilities
ToDo: microcontroller? Which?


  • Windows and Linux support
    • Driverless operation in Windows
    • USB native device in Linux

Electrical and environmental

  • Isolation per UL 1577
  • Transient immunity: 30kV/uS.
  • Isolated DC 5V power
  • Ambient Operation from –40°C to 125°C.


  • Two Code implementations in one device switchable by a DIP Switch.
ToDo: please elaborate what are the code implementations
  • DIP switch for enabling/disabling on-board 120 Ohm termination
ToDo: can firmware be upgraded? How?

Open source hardware and software

  • Complete hardware design files are available
  • Complete firmware is available
  • Designed for Hacking - Easily scriptable using an open-source Python library.
ToDo: firmware or software, not clear

Connection requirements


Version information

Latest HW Version Rev 1.0

Block diagram

ToDo: Add block diagram
ToDo: nice looking DB-9 Pinout

Mechanical model

ToDo: Add 3D model

Hardware design files

ToDo: Add Gerbers 
ToDo: Add Schematics

Software source files

ToDo add files