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TEL-CANBUS technical documentation

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/* Hardware design files */
= Description = Compulab part number == TEL-CANBUS Is an isolated USB to Controller Area Network (CAN) Tell extension board'''FT.Q_CAN'''
== Description == TEL-CANBUS provides a CANbus interface with isolation through a DB-9 connector. * Single CAN device * Supports CAN 2.0A Specifications* Supports ISO 11898-2 * Up too 1Mbit/s bit rate TEL-CANBUS is utilizing a USB2 interfaceMultiple TEL-CANBUS cards can be installed in a system == Features ==* USB to CANbus through DB-9 Connector.* Implemented using STM32F042C6 MCU=== Software ===* Windows and Linux support** Driverless operation on in Windows and optional ** USB native device for in Linux system.=== Electrical and environmental ===* Isolation per UL1577 (Standard for Optical Isolators)[https://standardscatalog.* Isolated DC 5V UL 1577]
* Transient immunity: 30kV/uS.
* Isolated DC 5V power* Ambient Operation from –40°C to 125°C85°C=== Configuration ===* Selectable Termination 120RTwo Code implementations in one device switchable by a DIP Switch.* Open Source Default [ All design files are available under a permissive licensefw CANable ] USB CDC implementation & [ candleLight] USB device implemintation.* CrossDIP switch for enabling/disabling on-platform board 120 Ohm termination* Upgradeable using build- works on MAC, Linux, in MCU bootloader and windowsopenly available tools.(Please follow update guide in [ GitHub]) === Open source hardware and software ===* Complete hardware design files are available* Complete firmware is available* Designed for Hacking - Easily scriptable using an open[https://python-source Python SW library. ] for easy and cross-platform communication to the device 
== Connection requirements ==
=== Host interface ===USB2=== Physical connection ===* Standart TELL connector.[[TRIP]]or* Optionally USB connector without using a TELL connector.[[USBTT]]
== Version information ==
Latest HW Version Rev 1.0
==Block diagram==
* Add block ==Block diagram==
* Add nice looking DB[[File:TEL-9 PinoutCANBUS_Rev.1.0_block_Diagram.jpg|200px]]
==Mechanical footprintmodel ==* Add 3D model[ TEL-CANBUS Mechanical - DXF]<br>
==Design Hardware design files==* Add Gerbers [ TEL-CANBUS Gerber files]<br>* Add Schematics[ TEL-CANBUS Rev 1.0.1 Schematic files]
==Software source files ==
ToDo add files<br>* [ source files on GitHub]