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Fitlet2 Errata Notes

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/* FITLET2ERR007: Disk errors with EB-M2SATA rev 1.1 */
* '''Fix''': Fixed in EB-M2SATA Rev 1.3 expected to be available now (since Jan-2020).
== FITLET2ERR008: Interoperability issue with some models of M.2 SATA SSD ==
* '''Date''': 5-MAR-2020
* '''Symptom''': Inconsistent behavior of M.2 SSD. e.g. fitlet2 fails to identify an SSD (permanently or intermittently)
* '''Applies to''': fitlet2 with M.2 SSD of specific models. See [[Compatibility matrix of M.2 SSD models to IPC3 / fitlet2 / Airtop3 | SSD compatibility matrix]] for details
* '''Cause''': fitlet2 implements eMMC interface on M.2 key-M unused pins. The same pins are sometimes used for vendor specific functionality in some SSD models. This can lead to unexpected behavior of these SSDs
* '''Workaround''': Opt for a validated SSD
* '''Fix''': fitlet2 volume orders placed after 5-Mar-2020 will be supplied with the eMMC interface disconnected. As of Mar-2020 Compulab is researching the problem. If additional solutions are found this erratum will be updated.
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