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Linux Mint: Disk image

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According to the example need to save 3 partitions:
$ sudo partclone.ext4 -c -s /dev/sdf1 | lz4 > part1.ext4.partclone.lzlz4$ sudo partclone.vfat -c -s /dev/sdf2 | lz4 > part2.vfat.partclone.lzlz4$ sudo partclone.ext4 -c -s /dev/sdf4 | lz4 > part4.ext4.partclone.lzlz4
7. Calculate md5 for files you've prepared
$ md5sum *.layout part*.partclone.lz lz4 > md5sum
8. Send us the fdisk.layout, blkid.layout, part*.partclone.lz lz4 files and the md5 file