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Airtop3 application note - reducing acoustic noise

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/* Disabling C-states in BIOS */
### Slow Slew Rate for GT Domain: Fast/16
# Save and Exit
== Reducing graphics related noise in Linux Mint ==
Symptom: when running Linux Mint using Intel graphics, running glxgears, glmark2 or other graphics intensive application results in continuous buzzing sound
# Reboot and press F11 (not DEL) to enter advanced BIOS settings
# Advanced --> Setup items availability: Development
# Advanced --> Power & Performance --> GT - Power Management Control:
# RC6(Render Standby): Disabled
# Disable Turbo GT frequency: Enabled
# Save and Exit
# Boot into Linux Mint
# Open NVIDIA X Server Settings
# Select Intel (Power Saving Mode), enter root password to apply
# log off and login
== Disabling C-states in BIOS ==