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Linux Mint: Serial port name bug on fitlet2 with Atom CPU

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* It provides an explanation to workaround a bug related to the serial port's name change in certain Kernels.
=== Serial port name ===
* There is a bug in serial port name in Linux on Intel(R) Atom(TM) E3XXX platforms.
* For example, on Linux Mint 19 with kernel 4.15+ serial port initially detected as /dev/ttyS6, but then device node is absent in the /dev/ directory
=== Temporary solution ===
* Ensure latest BIOS is installed: [[Fitlet2:_BIOS_Files]]
* Install development Ubuntu kernel provided by Canonical Kernel Team
=== Compile custom kernel ===
* The above temporary solution works for Ubuntu Linux mint only, for other distributions, see below.
* Another way is to get serial port working is to recompile your kernel manually and unset CONFIG_SERIAL_DEV_BUS in menuconfig