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Airtop3 application note - reducing acoustic noise

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*Disabling C-state should reduce noise from the CPU's power circuit:
# 1. Activate development setup items of the setup menu:# # While in splash screen, press '''[F11 ]''' (instead of Delete) in the keyboard.# # Go to ''''Advanced'''' tab -> ''''Setup items availability'''' (first item in Advanced tab) -> Choose ''''Development''''.# # Now a full setup menu is open, including options that can impair the Airtop3 stability or functionality, and items that were not checked or don't work.# 2. In 'Advanced' tab -> ''''Power & Performance'''' -> ''''CPU -Power Management Control'''' -> ''''C states'''' -> Choose ''''Disabled''''# 3. Back to the tabs menu (2x '''[Esc ]''' button) -> ''''Save & Exit'''' tab -> ''''Save Changes And Exit'''' -> ''''Yes''''. 
* Using a Discrete GPU should reduce the noise from the GPU power circuit
* Changing