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Fitlet2 Errata Notes

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/* FITLET2ERR005: Built in Ethernet port is disappearing on start-up */
* '''Applies to''': fitlet2 configured with either - FC-PCI Rev1.0-1.1, FC-CEM Rev1.0, FC-POED Rev1.0.
* '''Cause''': In FC-PCI Rev1.0-1.1, FC-CEM Rev1.0 and FC-POED Rev1.0 rails 3.3V_A and 3.3V_S are connected in way which affects power sequencing. As a result, in rare cases on-board Ethernet controller's reset is released before PCI bus initialization is complete which results in Ethernet controller being unrecognized.
* '''Workaround''': Covered under warranty. Compulab will replace FC-PCI FACET Cards exhibiting errorsNone
* '''Fix''': Fix applied to FC-PCI Rev1.2, FC-CEM Rev1.1, FC-POED Rev1.1.