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Fitlet2 FACET Cards

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/* Custom FACET-Card design resources */
==Custom FACET-Card design resources==
===WIDE Mechanical constraints===There are two form-factors of FACET-Cards* Narrow occupies the M.2 E-Key slot (leaving the SATA slot native)* Wide FACET-Card occupies both M.2 slot (usually requiring SATA slot on the FACET itself)====Narrow FACET-Card mechanical constraints====* [ Narrow FACET-Card envelope (PDF)]====Wide FACET-Card mechanical constraints====
* [ wide FACET-Card envelope (x_t)]
* [ wide FACET-Card envelope (DXF)]
* [ wide FACET-Card envelope (PDF)]
===Narrow FACET-Card mechanical constraints===
* [ Narrow FACET-Card envelope (PDF)]
===FACET-Card pinout===