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Intense PC BIOS Update

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== BIOS update procedure ==
# Download the latest [[Intense PC BIOS ROM files]]
# Extract the the files from the archive to USB Flash formatted FAT32.
# Execute me_up.nsh script
# On next boot, reset BIOS Setup settings to defaults by F9 in BIOS Setup Menu.
===Step-By-Step Bios Update===
<span style="color: red">To update from old BIOS version '''CR_2.2.0.377 X64''' to recent '''IPC_2.2.400.5'''+ BIOS versions, please expand and follow the below procedure:</span>
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===Step-By-Step Bios Update===
* Upgrade: from '''CR_2.2.0.377 X64''' to '''IPC_2.2.400.5 X64'''.
*<span style="color: red">If the machine has an older BIOS version than '''CR_2.2.0.377 X64''' Please contact Compulab's support at <u></u></span>
==Prepare Boot Media==
1. Download BIOS file the latest [[Intense PC BIOS ROM update image: [ IPC_2.2.400.5 old BIOS update]]<br>
2. Extract the image file from the archive.<br>
3. Prepare bootable USB flash drive:
5. Power cycle the computer.
===Old Packages update procedure===
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# Download BIOS file [[Intense PC BIOS ROM files]]
# Extract the image file from the archive.
<!-- prepare bootable USB drive -->
{{How to prepare bootable USB drive}}
# Boot Intense PC or MintBox2 from the USB Flash drive.
# Wait until message "Please disconnect this system from power for 15 sec for completion"
# Power cycle the computer.
== Previous BIOS update procedure ==