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* This application note applies to [[fitlet2 supports CAN if configured ]] with the [ FC-SCG FACET]FACET-Card running Linux* It provides an example of how to use the CANbus feature of FC-SCG under Linux* The following application is required for the CAN bus functionality: [ fitlet2 FTDI CAN sniffer]
The following application is required for the ==Simple CAN bus functionalitysniffer== Written for the following chain: [ FTDI232H] <-> [ MCP2515].<br>Tested on Linux 4.14.41 (Debian sid) Prerequisites:*[ libmpsse-iot1.3] libftdi1-1.4 via libusb-1.0 via https:/drivers/ Avaliable binaries: sniff -linux-FTDIdynamically linked against mentioned libraries sniff.static -- statically linked executable '''Usage:''' Prints received frames to STDOUT, sends to net frames gotten from STDIN.Options:  --can_bitrate Hz required CANbus speed -sniffer-mastercan_osc Hz CAN clock oscillator frequency in factdecimal modifiers 'k' and 'M' are allowed  --promiscuous [01] a given RX buffer is to receive all frames --rollover rollover mode for RX buffer 0 --mask [01]:sid-eid acceptance mask for a mentioned RX buffer --filter [012345]:sid-eid acceptance filter filters 0 and 1 are purposed for RX buffer 0 and the others for RX buffer 1 mask and filters format: n:sid-eid where: num number of mask or filter sid Standard identifier of mask/filter eid enhanced identifier of mask/filterOmitted eid (if any) will be zeroed.tar  --sniff listen-only mode --showraw print out frames received/to be sent in hex Allowed frame to be sent format: sid:paiload[0.gz fitlet2 FTDI ..i] sid-eid:paiload[0...i]* where "i" must be less than 8 For more detailed explanation of the mentioned options please read the MCP2515 datasheet:<br>[ MCP2515 CAN snifferbus interface chip datasheet]
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