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Fitlet2 guides and application notes

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__TOC__ == Hardware guides and application notes ==* [[Controlling LED1 and LED2Fitlet2 TPM]]* [[RAM models compatibility to fit-PC products]] == Windows guides and application notes ==* [[How to install Cell Modem for fitlet2 - | How to install Cell Modem]]* [[How to retrieve product information from within Windows/ Linux | How to retrieve product information]]* [[Application note - fitlet2 controlling front LEDs | Controlling front LEDs]] == Linux guides and application notes ===== fitlet2 Linux guides ===* [ How to configure SoftAP on ]* [[Linux mint 18.3: Secure Boot | How to configure Secure boot]]* [[Linux: Full Disk Encryption | How to install FreeBSD configure full Disk Encryption]]* [[Application note - UEFI PXE boot to Linux Mint | How to use UEFI PXE boot]]* [[How to retrieve product information from within Windows / Linux | How to retrieve product information]]* [[Linux Mint: Watchdog configuration | How to configure watchdog]]* [[Linux Mint: Serial port on fitlet2| How to use serial port]]* [[Application note - fitlet2 Linux: Secure Boot Mobile broadband configuration | How to configure Secure boot cell-modem]] === fitlet2 Linux application notes ===* [[Application note - fitlet2 controlling front LEDs on Linux | Controlling front LEDs]]* [[Application note - Example code for capturing power button event on fitlet2 running Linux| Capturing power button event]]* [[Linux: CANbus Application | CANbus Application]]* [[Linux: GPIO Application | GPIO Application]] == Mechanical assembly guides ==* [[Fitlet2 WiFi Module installation instructions]]* [[fitlet2 FC-PCI installation instructions]]* [[fitlet2 FC-CEM installation instructions]]* [[Fitlet2 FC-POED installation instructions]]* [[fitlet2 FC-OPLN installation instructions]]* [[fitlet2 FC-M2LAN installation instructions]]* [[Fitlet2 FC-USB installation instructions]]* [ fitlet2 power button assembly guide]* [[fitlet2 with FC-PCI double WLAN modules installation guide]]* [[fitlet2 DIN-rail side mounting installation instructions]]* [[fitlet2 DIN-rail bottom mounting installation instructions]] == Other guides ==* [ fitlet2 dual boot configuration guide]* [ fitlet2 customization terms]
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