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Airtop: Installing Linux Mint 19.2

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/* Base installation of Linux Mint */
* Disconnect the installation media and reboot.
* Login using previously selected username and password.
== I3M Panel ==
* Integrated interactive information monitor [[Airtop:I3M | I<sup>3</sup>M]] is a GUI system integrated in the front panel of Airtop
* Download and install the package for Airtop or Airtop2:
# for Airtop2
$ wget
# for Airtop1
$ wget
$ sudo dpkg -i airtop-fpsvc_systemd.deb
* Note, the package adds "acpi_enforce_resources=lax" string to the kernel boot line
* Reboot the Airtop after installation
* Now you can navigate through menus between multiple screens of the I<sup>3</sup>M that display system information, temperatures, power consumption and notifications
== Intel video acceleration graphic drivers ==