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Fitlet2 TPM

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===What is TPM?===
A Trusted Platform Module (TPM), is a cryptographic coprocessor including capabilities for random number generation, secure generation of cryptographic keys and limitation of their use. It also includes capabilities such as remote attestation and sealed storage.
TPM's technical specification is publicly available, driven by the Trusted Computing Group (TCG). The latest version TPM 2.0 (released October 2014), is a major redesign of the specification which adds new functionality and fixes weaknesses of the former TPM 1.2.
===dTPM=== (Discrete Trusted Platform Module==
* TPM is a microcontroller that stores encryption keys, passwords and digital certificates.
* Advances in on processor technologies combined with the flexibility of the TPM protocols mean that it is possible to implement the TPM as an integrated solution or in firmware.
===fTPM=== (Firmware Trust Platform Module)=
* fTPM is a Firmware based TPM 2.0 implementation.