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Irads moved page [[How to install Cell Modem for fitlet2]] to [[How to install cell modem on fitlet2 running Windows 10]]
* This application note applies to fitlet2 configured with SIMTech's SIM7100 cellular modem.* It explains how to update the modem's driver on windows 10 environment. ==Installing the SImTech SIMCom SIM7100 Windows 10 driver==
1. Confirm the the modem is recognized by the system at Device manager, you should see 6 of the following devices:
Simtech HS-USB AT Diagnostics 9001 (COM7)
Simtech HS-USB AT NMEA 9001 (COM6)
*COM numbers may vary
7. Check if the Cellular network appears in the Networks list
Cellular Setting in Windows 10 -
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