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Airtop2 Troubleshooting

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/* I can't turn on the computer, it doesn't wake up? */
===I can't turn on the computer, it doesn't wake up?===
* Pay Attention under each section to it's LED behavior for further diagnostics.
'''1. Check power supply (PSU)'''
*Verify RAM modules are installed. The system will not boot without it.
*Also Swapping DIMMS with a good known working ones could eliminate memory stick issues.
'''LED-R (RAM)'''
This LED turns <span style="background:green">Green</span>, the moment the memory initialization is successful.
This LED is <span style="background:yellow">Yellow</span> while the memory initialization is in progress.
If the memory initialization has failed, for example: There is no DIMM installed / the DIMM is not supported - the R LED will stay <span style="background:yellow">Yellow</span>.
The R-LED should stay <span style="background:Green">Green</span> at normal operation, also after BIOS POST is over.
'''3. Check Peripherals (HDD/SSD/USB)'''
*Plug the power and power up the PC (either auto-on or pressing power button).
'''LED-B (BIOS)'''
This LED is <span style="background:yellow">Yellow</span> after display initialization.
If BIOS setup menu is needed, the DEL button is functional from the moment the B-LED is <span style="background:yellow">Yellow</span>.
The B-LED is <span style="background:Green">Green</span> when the OS takes charge of the system.