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Fitlet2: BIOS Update

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* This page contains information of how to update the fitlet2's firmware.
'''<span style="color:#FF0000">Important:</span>'''<br />
* BIOS update recommended in case the system is unstable, or required fixes have been released.
The following procedure suitable fitlet2 computers equipped with Intel ApolloLake processors.<br>
== Preparing the USB Flash Drive with BIOS update procedure Updater ==# Connect your USB Flash Drive (UFD) to your computer and format it to '''FAT32''' file system# Download and extract the '''[ AFU BIOS Bios Updater Packagepackage]: It '''.<p>The package contains the following files:</p> *** #:''AfuEfix64.efi''*** flash#:''Flash.nsh''*** #:''Shellx64.efi''*** startup#:''Startup.nsh''# Copy the extracted files to the prepared UFD# Download the '''[[fitlet2: BIOS Files|fitlet2 BIOS file]]'''# Copy the BIOS file to the root directory on the prepared UFD == Updating BIOS ==# Connect the prepared UFD to the target fitlet2 and power up# Press the '''DEL''' key during the boot until the BIOS Setup appears# Browse to the '''Save & Exit''' menu# Click on the '''Launch EFI Shell from filesystem device''' option# The system will boot to the EFI Shell and after 4 seconds the automatic script will start## '''Please do not press ESC while the countdown'''# The script will find the Storage Device with BIOS update application# Type the following command: '''flash flt2.bin''' and press the Enter key# The BIOS flashing process will start# When the process ends and the prompt line appears, type the command: '''reset''' and press the Enter key.
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