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IPC3 BIOS Update

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== BIOS update procedure ==
# Download the latest from [[IPC3 BIOS files]].
# Extract the image file from the Copy archive.<!-- prepare bootable USB drive -->{{How content to prepare bootable USB drive}} Flash formatted FAT32.# Boot IPC3 Disconnect all storage from the IPC3 (SATA/USB).# Plug USB Flashinto IPC3 and power on.
# Press F7 key for BIOS boot menu, choose "Build-in EFI Shell" option.
# Switch to USB flash drive file system of USB Flash by fs0: command.
# Run update.nsh. If the BIOS version is IPC3K.XYN.0.25.0 follow [[IPC3 BIOS recovery procedure]].
# After the update IPC3 will reboot automatically.