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IPC3 BIOS recovery procedure

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IPC3 BIOS update recovery procedure for IPC3K.XYN.0.25.0:
# Run recovery.nsh (FullSizeRender1.jpg)# You will be asked to press Y key when ready foe reboot (FullSizeRender2.jpg)# In BIOS recovery menu you will be asked if you are sure to update the image, press Enter (FullSizeRender3.jpg)# On next screen press Enter in order to proceed with flash update (FullSizeRender4.jpg)# Press any key when update will be completed (FullSizeRender5.jpg)
<!--Back to [[File:FullSizeRender1.pngIPC3 BIOS Update]]<br>[[File:FullSizeRender2.png]]<br>[[File:FullSizeRender3.png]]<br>[[File:FullSizeRender4.png]]<br>[[File:FullSizeRender5.png]]<br>-->
 [[File:FullSizeRender1IPC3-BIOS-Recovery1.jpgpng | 1000px]]<br> [[File:FullSizeRender2IPC3-BIOS-Recovery2.jpgpng | 1000px]]<br> [[File:FullSizeRender3IPC3-BIOS-Recovery3.jpgpng | 1000px]]<br> [[File:FullSizeRender4IPC3-BIOS-Recovery4.jpgpng | 1000px]]<br> [[File:FullSizeRender5IPC3-BIOS-Recovery5.jpgpng | 1000px]]<br>  Back to [[IPC3 BIOS Update]]