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/* a nettop PC done right */
== a nettop PC done right ==
What is the target market of fit-PC2 target market? Different It turns out that different users appreciate different capabilities of fit-PC2. With Having tiny size, low power, ruggedness and high end multimedia capabilities fit-PC2 is found ideal as a library PC, car PC or ruggedized boat PC, HTPC, home automation as well as a silent library PC, signage PCas a living room HTPC or an always-on file server... the list just goes on.<br>fit-PC2 is not designed for a specific market segment. It is a highly optimized nettop PC based on the most power efficient OC PC architecture to date - the Intel Atom Z530. fit-PC2 is just a nettop PC done right.
== About CompuLab ==
CompuLab is recognized as an industry leader in miniature low power PCs design and manufacturing, with over 10 years of experience in designing x86 and ARM embedded system-on-modules. Established in 1992 the company offices and manufacturing facility are located in Haifa, Israel.