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/* About CompuLab */
=== Ruggedness ===
fit-PC2 body is industrial grade die-cast aluminum. It has no venting holes and the ability to withstand high level of shock and vibration and extreme temperature range - depends only on the type of disk used. fit-PC2 with an SSD makes one of the most rugged PCs for industrial and automotive applications.
== a nettop PC done right ==
We would like to specify what fit-PC2 is good for, but many different users appreciate fit-PC2 for different reasons. fit-PC2 makes one of the best library PC, car PC or boat PC, HTPC, home automation PC, the list just goes on...
In fact it was not designed specifically to be any of those. We just tried to bring out the best of the new emerging low power PC technology. We believe fit-PC2 is a nettop PC done right.
== About CompuLab ==
CompuLab is recognized as an industry leader in miniature low power PCs design and manufacturing, with over 10 years of experience in designing x86 and ARM embedded system-on-modules. Established in 1992 the company offices and manufacturing facility are located in Haifa, Israel.