Last modified on 21 May 2019, at 13:18

Quick AMT Setup

  • This manual instructs how to configure Intel AMT.
  • It applies to machine models: Intense PC | IPC2 | Airtop1.

Quick AMT Setup

  1. Enter BIOS go to ADVANCED -> AMT Configuration and set "Enter Intel(R) MEBx Setup" to "Enabled"
  2. Exit saving changes -> System will boot ( one time ) to MEBx AMT setup
  3. Enter "MEBx Login" -> using password "admin" and set the "Intel(R) ME New password " according with rules below
    1. At least 8 characters ( max32)
    2. At least one digit character(0-9)
    3. At least one 7-bit ASCII non alpha-numeric character(e.g.'!','$',';') , but excluding ':' ,',' and '""' characters
    4. At least one lower case letter ('a','b'...'z') and at least one upper case letter ('A' ,'B'...'Z')
  4. Enter "Intel(R) Standard Manageability Configuration" -> "Activate Network Access" and press "Y"
  5. Enter "Network Setup" -> "TCP/IP Settings" ->"Wired LAN IPV4 Configuration" -> "DHCP Mode" and set to "Disabled"
  6. Now set all IPs related settings and then press "ESC" four times - returning to main menu
  7. Press "MEBx Exit" and wait until reboot
  8. Unplug your system for 20-30s and then plug it back


  • Connect AMT capable LAN port to a network:
    • Airtop - LAN2
    • IPC2 - LAN1
    • Intense PC - LAN closer to the edge
  • On the remote machine:
    • Open browser and set address to http://target IP address:16992 when "target IP address" was set previously in the AMT setup
    • Press "Log On" and enter login/password -> "admin"/password when "password" was set previously in the AMT setup
    • Now all system information/status/remote management menus are accessible including remote power on/off
  • For remote KVM use "VNC Viewer Plus":