Intense PC ME Firmware Update

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Security fix for INTEL-SA-00086 vulnerability


  1. Download Link SA-00086 IPC Fix - MD5: 2D3A767FFDD8FEE47C5B250CED73A93B
  2. Extract archive content to USB flash formatted FAT32.
  3. Enable "UEFI Boot" in the BIOS Setup: Main -> Boot Features -> UEFI Boot [Enable] (press F2 to enter setup, press F10 in order to save settings and exit).
  4. Insert USB Flash into IPC and boot "Internal Shell" option from boot menu (press F5 during next IPC power-up).
  5. Automated script will process ME update to version ME

For Intel's SA-00086 Detection tool [Intel's SA-00086 detection tool: click here
For more information please refer to Intel's security advisory: / click here