Intense PC (MintBox 2) security update 170523

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  1. Download the latest Intense PC BIOS image:
  2. Extract the image file from the archive.
  3. Prepare bootable USB flash drive:
    • Windows users:
    • Linux users:
      • Assuming your USB flash drive was detected as /dev/sdx write the image onto it
      • sudo dd if=ipc_2.2.400.3.img of=/dev/sdx bs=1MB
  4. Boot Intense PC or MintBox2 from the USB Flash drive.
  5. When boots up into FreeDOS command line run BIOS_UPD.bat and wait for it's completion without errors.
  6. After it the system will boot again into FreeDOS run ME_LOCK.bat and wait for it's completion without errors.
  7. Wait until message "Please disconnect this system from power for 15 sec for completion"
  8. Power cycle the computer.