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IntensePC: Installing Linux Mint 17

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Prepare installation media

Base installation of Linux Mint

  • Follow the standard Linux Mint installation procedure - choose timezone, partitions, username, password etc.
  • Disconnect the installation media and reboot.
  • Login using previously selected username and password.

Kodi and VLC

  • Kodi (formerly known as XBMC) and VLC are well known free and open-source multimedia players
  • Both of them use GPU accelerated video decoding and give excellent playback quality
  • Both of them compatible with the most popular video formats
$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:team-xbmc/ppa
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install kodi vlc vainfo i965-va-driver
  • Kodi will support GPU accelerated video decoding out of the box
  • In VLC you need to check Tools->Preferences->Input and Codecs->Use GPU accelerated decoding checkbox to take advantage of GPU accelerated video decoding

Thermal monitoring

  • Install tools for monitoring CPU and storage temperature (if supported by storage device)
$ sudo apt-get install lm-sensors hddtemp
$ sensors | grep -i Core
Core 0:         +38.0°C  (high = +87.0°C, crit = +105.0°C)
Core 1:         +42.0°C  (high = +87.0°C, crit = +105.0°C)
$ sudo hddtemp /dev/sda
/dev/sda: Hitachi HTS545016B9A300: 27°C