IPC3 Supported Features

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The table below specifies IPC3 current and planned support coverage. This page is updated on any significant change of support availability.

Yes Support is available (when OS support is enabled)
No No support available or planned
TBD To be determined
TBS To be supported, but date is not finalized
[date] Support expected to be available on specified date
N/A Feature is not available

Feature Windows Linux
DDR3 SDRAM memory No No
DDR4 SDRAM memory Yes Yes
mSATA Yes Yes
M.2 SATA Yes Yes
eSATA port N/A N/A
HDMI video port Yes Yes
DisplayPort video port Yes Yes
Analog audio in/out Yes Yes
Digital audio out (SPDIF) Yes Yes
LAN Yes Yes
Wireless LAN Yes Yes
Bluetooth Yes Yes
Cellular comms Yes TBD
USB 3.0 ports Yes Yes
USB 2.0 ports Yes Yes
Serial interface Yes Yes1
Serial console redirection No No
SD-card R/W N/A N/A
mini PCIe card Yes Yes
Auto-On Yes Yes
Wake-on-Timer TBD TBD
Watchdog TBD TBD
Remote power button Yes Yes
Boot from SD-card N/A N/A
Boot from USB2.0 No1 Yes
Boot from USB3.0 No1 Yes
TPM Yes Yes


  1. Boot from USB ports is supported by BIOS, but Windows OS cannot be booted from USB.
  2. Limited compatibility of the HSUART driver to Windows operating system.

Last update: 02-Jul-2017