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=== Mechanical ===
=== Mechanical ===
* [[IPC2 Mechanics Documentation]]
* [[IPC2 Mechanics Documentation | IPC2 Mechanical Documentation]]
=== Resources ===
=== Resources ===

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IPC2 is a fully functional miniature computer based on Intel 4th generation (Haswell ULT) Mobile Intel® Core™ 64-bit dual core processor family, features Intel HD graphics engine and rich connectivity options. System connectivity can be easily expanded by adding FACE Modules board. IPC2 capable to drive 3 independent displays with up to 4K resolution, simultaneously (triple-head). Runs Windows 7/8/10 and Linux operating systems.
Completely fanless design delivers performance up to 6523 points score on Geekbench3 benchmark tool.
IPC2 serves a wide range of applications – industrial control and automation, networking and communications infrastructures, media players, IPTV, infotainment system, digital signage and smart kiosks, gaming or small-footprint desktop replacement.

IPC2 transparent background 700x441.png







Front/Back Panel View

IPC2 ports diagram 700x539.png