How to install cell modem on fitlet2 running Windows 10

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  • This application note applies to fitlet2 configured with SIMTech's SIM7100 cellular modem.
  • It explains how to update the modem's driver on windows 10 environment.

Installing the SIMCom SIM7100 Windows 10 driver

1. Confirm the the modem is recognized by the system at Device manager, you should see 6 of the following devices:

   SimTech, Incorporated

2. Select SimTech Incorporated device in the Other Devices section, right click --> Update Driver Software (Download the driver HERE)

3. Choose "Browse my computer for driver software" option and browse to the Cellular Modem driver’s folder

4. Click next and wait while the wizard completes the installation

5. Repeat the 2 to 4 for every SimTech Incorporated device

6. In the end, the following devices should appear in the Device Manager

    SimTech HS-USB Modem 9001


   Network Adapters
    Simtech HS-USB WWAN Adapter 9001


   Ports (COM & LPT)
    Simtech HS-USB AT Port 9001 (COM5)
    Simtech HS-USB AT Audio 9001 (COM3)
    Simtech HS-USB AT Diagnostics 9001 (COM7)
    Simtech HS-USB AT NMEA 9001 (COM6)
   *COM numbers may vary

7. Check if the Cellular network appears in the Networks list

8. Connect to the Cellular Network


Some providers require custom settings of the cellular network connection. For clarifications, please contact your provider.

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