Fitlet2 FACET Cards

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  • This page provides technical information about fitlet2 FACET-Cards.
  • FACET-Cards extend fitlet2 functionality and I/O.
  • FACET-Card stands for Function And Connectivity Extension T-Card
  • FACET-Card standard is open to allow 3rd parties to design their own application specific FACET-Cards
  • The full production files of each Compulab FACET-Card are published below to allow 3rd parties to modify for their needs

fitlet2 FACET-Card Types

  • FC-CEM (M.2 E-Key + M.2 B-Key + M.2 M-Key)
  • FC-M2LAN (2x Gbit Ethernet)
  • FC-OPLN (M.2 E-Key + M.2 M-Key + GbE SFP+)
  • FC-PCI (M.2 E-Key + M.2 M-Key + miniPCIe + SIM)
  • FC-POED (1xPoE + M.2 E-Key + M.2 M-Key)
  • FC-SCG (CANbus + RS232/RS485 + GPIOs + M.2 E-Key)
  • FC-USB (4x USB2 + M.2 E-Key)

Custom FACET-Card design resources

Mechanical constraints

There are two form-factors of FACET-Cards

  • Narrow occupies the M.2 E-Key slot (leaving the SATA slot native)
  • Wide FACET-Card occupies both M.2 slot (usually requiring SATA slot on the FACET itself)

Narrow FACET-Card mechanical constraints

Wide FACET-Card mechanical constraints