Fitlet2 Errata Notes

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FITLET2ERR001: Power button action cannot be configured in Windows 10

  • Date: 27-May-2018
  • Symptom: Configuring Power button action through Windows 10 control panel has no effect
  • Applies to: fitlet2 rev 1.1
  • Cause: Erratum in power management integrated circuit
  • Workaround: Control power modes from software
  • Fix: Fixed in fitlet2 rev 1.2 with with BIOS version FLT2.

FITLET2ERR002: No eMMC support

  • Date: 2-Sep-2018
  • Symptom: eMMC module is not identified
  • Applies to: fitlet2 with SBC serial number 1180902-xxxxx or earlier
  • Cause: Circuit of eMMC interface is not assembled on SBC
  • Workaround: Use M.2 SATA storage
  • Fix: Fixed in fitlet2 with SBC serial number 1180903-xxxxx and later

FITLET2ERR003: fitlet2 does not enter S5 state (off) but only S3 state (sleep)

  • Date: 23-Oct-2018
  • Symptom: When shutting-down fitlet2 from software or by pressing the power button fitlet2 enters S3 (sleep) state instead of S5 (off) state
  • Applies to: fitlet2 rev 1.1 with serial number 1180724-xxxxx or earlier
  • Cause: An erratum in fitlet2 PMIC
  • Workaround: Long press on power button shuts down fitlet2 completely
  • Fix: A new version of PMIC used in fitlet2 with serial number 1180725-00001 and later
Note: Amber LED on power button stays on at S5. This is unrelated to FITLET2ERR003

FITLET2ERR004: Marginal edge-connector quality in FC-PCI

  • Date: 6-Jan-2019
  • Symptom: Devices installed on FC-PCI (Modem / SSD / Wi-Fi adapter / mini-PCIe card) may malfunction. There is no record of permanent damage to devices installed on FC-PCI
  • Applies to: fitlet2 with FC-PCI rev 1.0
  • Cause: Marginal quality of FC-PCI edge connector
  • Workaround: Covered under warranty. Compulab will replace FC-PCI FACET Cards exhibiting errors
  • Fix: Compulab redesigns FC-PCI FACET Card (rev 1.1) to improve edge connector's quality
Note: The problem is specific to FC-PCI and does not apply to other FACET Cards

FITLET2ERR005: Built in Ethernet port is disappearing on start-up

  • Date: 28-Apr-2019
  • Symptom: One of the built in Ethernet ports is disappearing on start-up.
  • Applies to: fitlet2 configured with either - FC-PCI Rev1.0-1.1, FC-CEM Rev1.0, FC-POED Rev1.0.
  • Cause: In FC-PCI Rev1.0-1.1, FC-CEM Rev1.0 and FC-POED Rev1.0 rails 3.3V_A and 3.3V_S are connected in way which affects power sequencing. As a result, in rare cases on-board Ethernet controller's reset is released before PCI bus initialization is complete which results in Ethernet controller being unrecognized.
  • Workaround: None
  • Fix: Fix applied to FC-PCI Rev1.2, FC-CEM Rev1.1, FC-POED Rev1.1.

FITLET2ERR006: RS-485 half duplex not working on fitlet2 configured with FC-SCG

  • Date: 28-Apr-2019
  • Symptom: RS-485 half duplex is not working on fitlet2 configured with FC-SCG.
  • Applies to:fitlet2 configured with FC-SCG Rev1.0
  • Cause: In FC-SCG Rev1.0 a signal that controls RX/TX direction is disconnected. As a result RS485 half-duplex does not function.
  • Workaround: Full duplex should work well. Covered under warranty, Compualb will replace FC-SCG FACET.
  • Fix: Fix applied to FC-SCG Rev1.1