Fitlet2 BIOS reset for rev 1.1 and older

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fitlet2 SBC revisions 1.1

  1. Unplug power cable from the fitlet2
  2. Remove the 4x Phillips Chassis screws
  3. Remove bottom and top cover
  4. Remove the RAM stick
  5. Plug in power cable (should turn on automatically), and Wait ~10 seconds
  6. Unplug power cable
  7. Assemble back the RAM stick
  8. Carefully unplug the RTC Battery from the 2pin connector
  9. Plug power cable (should turn on automatically)
  10. Shutdown the PC
  11. Unplug the power cable
  12. Plug the RTC Battery back in
  13. Plug Power cable

BIOS settings should be reset to defaults.

BIOS version older than FLT2.

  1. Disconnect the power core
  2. Remove all the storage devices (internal and external).
  3. Boot the system and wait for ~15 seconds to ensure the system booted to the BIOS menu.
  4. Press F3 key and after that the Enter key to load the default menu settings
  5. Press F4 key and after that the Enter key to save and exit
  6. The system should restart and boot with default menu settings.