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Watchdog Setup in Windows

1. Watchdog installation:

  • Installs and enables the watchdog timer in OS mode with default timeout of 60 seconds. Once OS failure has occurred, and watchdog service stopped responding, after timeout period computer will restart.
  • Run the FPC4_Watchdog_x64.exe file and follow the on-screen instructions

2. Restart the computer and enter BIOS

3. BIOS Setup:

  • Enables/disables the Watchdog during BIOS phase
  • Enter the BIOS menu, browse to Advanced -> Watchdog Configuration sub-menu and enable the Watchdog option
  • Notes:
  1. After enabling Watchdog in Windows, the option in BIOS must be enabled
  2. After disabling Watchdog in Windows, the option in BIOS must be disabled
  3. The timeout period of the BIOS Watchdog must be long enough to ensure that Windows has enough time to boot up and starts the Watchdog service

Watchdog Usage

1.1. Command Prompt:

  • Open the Command Prompt (CMD) in Administrator Mode
  • Browse to the Watchdog folder (C:\Watchdog)
  • Run the watchdog.exe file with appropriate arguments:
 watchdog [command] [time] 
[command] enable - Enables the watchdog and sets its time period to the value specified in the 'time' argument
disable - Disables the watchdog
help - Displays this help
[time] Time in seconds. Supported range [20-240]
watchdog enable 60 - Enable watchdog and set its period to 60 sec
watchdog disable - Disable watchdog

1.2. Predefined Scripts:

  • Open the Watchdog folder in the Start Menu
  • Run one of the predefined scripts in Administrator Mode

2. Watchdog uninstall:

  • Disable the Watchdog in Windows
  • Disable the Watchdog option in the BIOS
  • Open the Watchdog folder in the Start Menu
  • Click on the Uninstall Watchdog
  • Restart the computer